26th June 2020


Dear Parent/Carer,


We are still waiting for guidance from the Government regarding the return to school in September. We appreciate that you are eager to know who will be teaching your child/ren when we return and as we are hoping and praying that all children will be back in school we have started to prepare for this.  Below is a list of the class teachers for next year.


For school year 2020/21 teachers (Years 1 to 6) will be deployed as follows:

Rec      Mrs Long                                                        Rec      Mrs Bryce/Mrs Smith

Y1        Mrs Pritchard/Mrs McIver                            Y1        Mrs Wolfenden

Y2        Miss Watts                                                    Y2        Miss Kelly

Y3        Mrs Chai/ Mrs Schanze                                 Y3       Miss Standaloft

Y4        Mr Briscoe                                                     Y4        Mrs Morris/Mrs Moody

Y5        Miss Chai                                                       Y5       Miss Coyne/Miss Fitzsimons

Y6        Mr Lowry                                                       Y6        Miss Jones


To find out your child’s class for the next school year, locate their current one in the left hand column of the table below and track across to the right hand column, e.g. if your child is currently in Miss Chai’s class in Year 1, they will be in Miss Kelly’s class in Year 2. This is all subject to government guidance which we are still waiting for.


2019/20 Classes

2020/21 Classes

RU (Mrs Bryce/Mrs McIver)

Y1 (Mrs McIver/Mrs Pritchard)

RR (Mrs Wolfenden)

Y1 (Mrs Wolfenden)

1U (Miss Chai)

Y2 (Miss Kelly)

1R (Mrs Morris/Mrs Smith)

Y2 (Miss Watts)

2U (Mr Briscoe)

Y3 (Mrs Chai/Mrs Schanze)

2R (Mrs Pritchard)

Y3 (Miss Standaloft)

3U (Miss Coyne/Mrs Schanze)

Y4 (Mrs Morris/Mrs Moody)

3R (Mrs Chai/Miss Tennant)

Y4 (Mr Briscoe)

4U (Mr Lowry)

Y5 (Miss Coyne/Miss Fitzsimons)

4R (Mrs Long)

Y5 (Miss Chai)

5U (Miss Standaloft)

Y6 (Miss Jones)

5R (Miss Watts)

Y6 (Mr Lowry)


We are in the process of planning transition sessions so children not currently in school have the opportunity to meet their new teacher before the end of the school year. More details will follow shortly.


Thank you for your patience and continued support.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs Robinson

Head Teacher


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