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Leave of absence

The school sees pupil holidays during term time as a serious obstacle to progress and actively discourages parents from organising them.  Parents should particularly avoid taking holidays in May (i.e. before summer half-term) as both national (Y2/Y6) and school tests (Y3,Y4 and Y5) take place during that month.

Parents are advised that they have no automatic entitlement to holidays during term time.  The headteacher may authorise a leave of absence request if he feels it is an exceptional circumstance. All leave requests should be made not less than ten school days before the holiday is due to start. A response will be sent as soon as possible following receipt of the request. 

If leave of absence is not granted, children will receive an unauthorised mark that can result in a penalty notice of £60 per parent per child, payable within 21 days. 

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