Dear Parents/Carers,

We are aiming to provide a wide range of resources to support our school community whilst school is closed. School staff are continuing to provide updates and new work in various ways.

To find all these resources, visit us at and click the link for our year group pages.

Our individual year group pages continue to be updated with activities and learning ideas. Please be aware that the date displayed is when the post was created and not when it was last edited. Keep looking at the relevant page(s) as there may be new content!

Active Learn Primary is the home of Bug Club online reading and more. Each child should already have individual login details for this site. Please see the contact details at the end of this message if you are unable to access. Classroom staff will continue to monitor this reading and add additional books. Remember to remind children to 'go back to the book' when answering questions rather than answering questions immediately. 

If your child usually uses MyMaths or Purple Mash for home learning please ensure that they login and keep up to date with any activities that have been set by classroom staff. Beyond any work that may have been set, both websites also both contain a really wide range of other resources that are worth exploring.

The lower part of the overall year group pages contains a wide range of other links. Here are just a few you might want to look at:

  • If you want to access complete daily lessons for English and math then visit the Hamilton Trust Home Learning Packs. These provide lesson materials that you can print but most activities could also be used with a notepad instead.
  • White Rose Maths are producing daily maths lessons for every year group. Each lesson comes with a useful video and resources that you can print or use a notepad to complete.
  • BBC Bitesize contains videos and interactive activities for nearly all curriculum areas. 
  • Twinkl home learning hub is providing free daily resources for each phase of education, based around a suggested timetable.
  • Come and See home learning provide detailed planning for our religious education topics alongside the relevant resources.

Please be aware that messages to our main telephone number (0151 924 1704) may not be monitored as frequently as usual due to staff availability. The email address is available to provide support. We aim to monitor this address as often as possible between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

Stay safe and look after each other.

Thank you for your support,
Your Ursuline Staff Team