Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to our latest home learning update. Please read on to find out more about how we are supporting learning at home. 

Family challenge

We have launched a family challenge for you to work on together at home. 

We would like you to work together to make an assault course. You can complete this challenge however you want, indoors or outdoors. Be creative and imaginative!
We would love to see what you complete. Please send any pictures to - remember to include names and class(es) in the subject line.
We can't wait to see what you do. Have fun!


School mural

We are still collecting ideas for an Ursuline school mural.  Miss Coyne will be painting it on a huge wall in school and would love your ideas. The theme is "What I love about Ursuline".

All ideas are welcome and should be sent in as photos of pictures to with ‘Mural’ in the subject area along with names and class(es).  

Have a look at these examples and see if they give you any ideas.


Year group pages

Our year group pages are a key part of how we are keeping in touch with you and your children. We continue to update them with activities to complete at home, both online and without technology.

We also love publishing examples of the work that is sent in to us. To find these pages, visit and then click into the year group(s) you need. There is also a growing list of suggested sites and resources at the bottom of this page. These provide plenty of things to do both with and without technology.

BBC Bitesize

You may be aware that the BBC have launched a large set of resources to support learning at home. They follow a weekly schedule and are matched to the national curriculum. These a part of the BBC Bitesize website that provides resources and activities for many curriculum areas.  The new resources include: 

  • Bitesize Daily - TV programmes called that are viewable on BBC iplayer and through the red button (when watching BBC channels).


Finding feedback

When work has been set online, classroom staff are able to monitor children's responses and progress. Some of the activities provide instant feedback whilst others might have a response that is written later by a teacher. Here is how to look for feedback in our key home learning sites:

Purple Mash
We are setting your child(ren) lots of activities inside Purple Mash
. Remember to keep looking for the alerts bell icon for to be notified whenever something is posted.

Some of the quizzes are self marking and give results on the screen. Other activities will be checked by classroom staff. Responses will be added underneath the activities within the 2Dos section 

Active Learn
Bug Club books in Active Learn ask a range of different questions when children click on the bug icons. Some provide instant feedback but others ask children to type an answer that is in response to the text. For these questions, an adult may respond to it. If this is the case, your child(ren) would then see a blue envelope icon showing that a response message is waiting for them.

In MyMaths the activities are usually self-marking and your child will get instant feedback. Although classroom staff cannot respond to activities they do monitor children's progress.

Keeping safe online

Thinkuknow keep updating their home support resources with parent information help sheets and home learning resources including videos, suggested activities and discussion ideas.


As always, if you complete any activities and want to share them, please send photos to We have been delighted with the range of activities that we have seen.

We are continuing to monitor messages and provide support through This is monitored as often as possible between 9am and 5pm. There are also various links on our homepage to provide support and information at this difficult time.

Keep safe!

Your Ursuline Staff Team