Dear parent / guardian,


Next June, the church in the Liverpool diocese will be holding its Synod meeting at which decisions will be made that will shape the way the Church develops over the coming years as it tries to become the Church it is called to be.


This message is to invite you to contribute your thoughts to help the parishes in the Crosby areas to decide which proposals and statements should be put forward to be voted on at the Synod.


You will find all the proposals divided into themes in the short surveys given below. Even if you aren’t in regular contact with the church, we would still like to hear your views: you will see from the titles that the themes cover a lot more than what goes on in the Church on Sunday, including involvement in the community, providing opportunities for people of all ages to develop their spiritual life; how the Church can be more inclusive and open to discussion and questioning; how the church can involve more people in its decision making and governance.


You are welcome to answer some or all of the surveys between now and Friday 4th December. Each one takes about 5 minutes to complete. Your answers are anonymous – when you click ‘submit’ they come directly to Martin Bennett who is one of the Synod Members for the Crosby area, and he doesn’t know your name or email address, unless you choose to add them. All that is required is that you say which school you are connected to.


Simply click on the links to go to the surveys you are interested in.


(1) The changing roles of lay people and priests


(2) Faith formation/ deepening Spirituality


(3) Mass, Sacraments and prayer life


(4) Church as a community for all


(5) Reorganising parishes for the future


(6) Children, schools and young adults


(7) The Church serving the community



Thank you for your time. We look forward to hearing your views,


Martin Bennett,

pp the Crosby area Synod Members.



If you wish to know more about the Synod, please visit