Sorry for this late correspondence. I want to thank you all for your patience today.  I am sure you can appreciate we have had a lot to sort in a very short space of time to enable us to open safely tomorrow.  We only heard about the lockdown at the same time as the rest of the country last night.

We do have a large number of key worker pupils and reiterate that you only accept a place if you do not have any other alternative such as a childcare bubble to enable us to keep everyone safe. Email school at if you do not need this place. For the safety of the school community, please only make use of your place(s) if it is absolutely necessary.

The children who have been allocated a place should attend school tomorrow in their uniform at their normal bubble time.  These times may alter slightly in the coming days as even though we have tried to keep children with their own class bubble in some cases this has not been possible due to numbers but they will remain in their year group.  Children will be allocated bubbles tomorrow when they arrive at school.  Children who normally have a school dinner will be given a packed lunch.  Children will stay in their own bubbles, having staggered breaks and lunches.

Online work will be available tomorrow for those children who remain at home.  Work will be communicated through the purple mash email.  More information is available at by clicking ‘Accessing Home Learning’ and also through our year group blogs. Please be reassured that staff will be in regular contact with those children who remain at home to offer support and encouragement.

We are very aware that this lockdown will have a big impact on everyone and will do our best to support you through this difficult time. We are here if you need us.  All we want is to have the children back in school as soon as possible. We all now have to do our bit, stay safe, follow the guidance but most importantly look after one another.

I really hoped I would not have to write another one of these letters and look forward to when we can see all the children back in school again.


Please take care.


Mrs Robinson