2nd July 2021


Dear Parent/Carer,


Below is a list of the class teachers for next year.


 For school year 2021/22 teachers (Years 1 to 6) will be deployed as follows:

Y1        Mrs McIver/Mrs Moody                                Y1        Mrs Wolfenden

Y2        Miss Watts                                                   Y2        Miss Kelly

Y3        Mrs Schanze                                                 Y3        Miss Standaloft

Y4        Mr Briscoe                                                    Y4        Mrs Morris

Y5        Miss Chai                                                       Y5       Miss Coyne/Miss Fitzsimons

Y6        Miss Thompson                                              Y6        Miss Jones


To find out your child’s class for the next school year, locate their current one in the left-hand column of the table below and track across to the right-hand column, e.g. if your child is currently in Miss Kelly’s class in Year 2, they will be in Mrs Schanze’s class in Year 3.


We are saying a sad goodbye to both Mr Lowry and Mrs Bond at the end of this term.  Mrs Bond is retiring after 21 years at the school and Mr Lowry is moving back to Ireland.  Both will be greatly missed by us all and we wish them both well.  Mrs Pritchard will be out of class next year.


2020/21 Classes

2021/22 Classes

RL (Mrs Long)

Y1MM (Mrs McIver/Mrs Moody)

RSB (Mrs Bryce/Mrs Smith)

Y1W (Mrs Wolfenden)

1PM (Mrs Pritchard/Mrs McIver)

Y2K (Miss Kelly)

1W (Mrs Wolfenden)

Y2W (Miss Watts)

2K (Miss Kelly)

Y3S (Mrs Schanze)

2W (Miss Watts)

Y3ST (Miss Standaloft)

3S (Miss Standaloft)

Y4M (Mrs Morris)

3CS (Mrs Schanze)

Y4B (Mr Briscoe)

4MM (Mrs Morris)

Y5FC (Miss Coyne/Miss Fitzsimons)

4B (Mr Briscoe)

Y5C (Miss Chai)

5CF (Miss Coyne/Miss Fitzsimons)

Y6J (Miss Jones)

5C (Miss Chai)

Y6T (Miss Thompson)


We are planning for the children to meet their new teachers and teaching assistant during the week beginning 12th July.    We must adhere to the guidance that has been set by the Government and Public Health which means these sessions will have to take place outside in our Eco Garden.  Teachers will share photographs of their new classroom with the children before the end of term. 


We are still waiting for updated guidance from the Government regarding the return to school in September and if there will be any changes regarding bubbles, staggered times etc.  Whilst there is speculation that the road map is due to end on July 19th, it is unlikely our guidance will change at this time. Therefore, school will continue to operate in the same way till the end of term and possibly beyond. 


Thank you for your patience and continued support.


Yours sincerely,


Mrs Robinson

Head Teacher


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