Return to School in September


The plan below outlines our return to school in September. Many arrangements will look more normal for schools and bubbles will be a thing of the past. We will obviously have to abide by any changes to government guidance over the summer holidays but wanted to let you know the current plans for September before we finish. We will still be led by the number of cases in our local area and you will be informed of any changes to the arrangements below if needed.


Staggered Start and finish times

We will no longer be operating staggered start and finish times.  


School will start for Yr1, Yr2, Yr3 at 8:50am. The main gates on Nicholas Road will be opened at 8.40am and there will be staff on this yard from 8:45am. Children must not be left on the playground until staff arrive at 8:45am and do not play on the equipment due to insurance purposes.  The bell will ring at 8:50am, for the children to line up by their teacher to come into school. We ask whoever drops off to stay with their child until the bell has rung and then leave the playground promptly. Children in Yr1, Yr2 and Yr3 will be collected from the same playground at the end of the day at 3:10pm.


Reception children will enter through the Reception gate on Blundellsands Road West.  Children are to be handed over to a member of reception staff at the gate into the Reception outdoor area from 8:45am and be collected from this gate at 3:10pm.


School will start for Yr4, Yr5 & Yr6 at 8.55am. These year groups will use the Forest Gate on Nicholas Road which will also be open from 8:40am. They are to walk onto the rear yard with whoever is dropping them off (unless school has received prior permission for them to arrive alone). Staff will be on this yard from 8:45am and the bell will ring at 8:55am when children will line up by their teacher. Children will be collected at the end of the day from this playground at 3:15pm.  Again, we ask whoever drops off to stay with their child until the bell has rung and then leave the playground promptly. At home time we ask that you stand behind the line and wait for the children to be handed over.


This will enable families time to move from one pick up/collection point to the next.  Masks will not be compulsory at drop off/collection time. If you wish to speak to the class teacher, please wait till all the children have been handed over for safety reasons.



We will no longer operate in bubbles from September. Children will be able to mix with other classes during break and lunchtimes and everyone will return to eating in the hall.  To begin with, assemblies will be in key stages or virtually to phase the children back in with the hope to return to whole school assemblies by October half term.


School Office

As we are now in a good routine for payments online and communication via email or telephone, we ask that this continues to alleviate some of the queues in the office.



Our cleaning team will continue to ensure school is clean and safe.  For the time being we will continue to clean high touch surfaces and toilets more regularly.  Children will continue to be encouraged to wash their hands regularly during the school day.



We ask that children return to school in September wearing the correct winter uniform.  On the days the children have PE, they are to come into school wearing their correct school PE kit. Trainers are only to be worn on PE days.  All stationery will be provided by school so children are not to bring their own pencil cases. The only bag that the children require for school is a school book bag. We do not have the space to accommodate rucksacks/handbags in our cloakrooms.


Year 1-6 school uniform

Reception school uniform


  • Plain grey full-length trousers / shorts / knee length skirt, tunic or pinafore
  • Light blue school shirt / blouse with school tie
  • Plain grey v-necked jumper / cardigan with school logo (preferred) or plain
  • Plain grey socks or tights
  • Black shoes



As above except for the following:

  • Light blue short-sleeved polo shirt (no tie) / standard blue/white checked summer dress
  • White socks may be worn with summer dresses


PE Kit:

  • House team coloured T-shirt with school logo (red, yellow, green or blue) - school will advise which colour for your child's team
  • Navy shorts
  • PE bag with logo
  • Black pull-on pumps (indoors)
  • Trainers (outdoors)
  • Black jogging bottoms and sweatshirts (no hoods) unbranded

Winter and Summer:

  • Plain grey full-length trousers / shorts / knee length skirt or pinafore
  • Light blue short-sleeved polo shirt with school logo
  • Royal blue sweatshirt/cardigan with school logo
  • Plain grey socks or tights
  • Royal blue book bag with school logo


PE kit:

  • House team coloured T-shirt with school logo (red, yellow, green or blue) - school will advise which colour for your child's team
  • Navy Blue shorts
  • Royal blue/black jogging bottoms
  • Black sweatshirt
  • Velcro fastening or pull on pumps
  • PE bag with school logo


Track and trace

If staff or children display symptoms of Covid 19, they must still remain at home and book a PCR test. While we await the result of testing, close contacts can remain in school. If the PCR is negative the child or staff member can return to school. If the PCR is positive close contacts will be asked to have a PCR test.  Remote learning will be provided for children isolating. Public Health England are now responsible for identifying close contacts.


Please note we will continue to have a role in working with health protection teams in the case of a local outbreak. If there in an outbreak in school or if central government offers the area an enhanced response package, a director of public health might advise us to temporarily reintroduce some control measures.


Over the Summer holidays continue to encourage your child to access Reading Buddy and Numbots/Time Tables Rockstars.  There is also a bank of summer learning units at Oak Academy.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and patience this year. It has not been an easy year but we got through together. We cannot wait to return to some sort of normality in September.  I hope you all have a lovely summer and look forward to seeing you all in September.